• - 3500K Warm White
  • - 4100K Cool White
  • - 5000K Natural Light
  • - 5800K Sunlight / High CRI
  • - 6500K Daylight

    Lumenus T5 Lamps last up to 35,000 hours on a 12-hour switch cycle and up to 25,000 hours on a 3-hour switch cycle. As a result, Lumenus T5 Lamps require significantly less lamp replacements than most linear fluorescent lamps in service today. Lumiversal program warm-start ballast technology enables Lumenus T5 Lamps to endure more switch cycles, which make them ideally suited for use with occupancy sensors. Though all lamps experience some lumen depreciation as they age, Lumenus T5 lamps maintain approximately 95% of their total light output over their lifetime, ranking Lumenus lamps among the best performing in the industry.


    Unlike conventional fluorescent lamps, Lumenus lamps do not use liquid mercury. All Lumenus fluorescent lamps use amalgam technology to encapsulate the mercury with other metals into a solid form. This amalgam enables Lumenus lamps to be more environmentally safe compared to lamps having liquid mercury. Because the amalgam is a much safer form than liquid mercury, it provides greater safety in areas of transportation, storage, breakage and disposal. Because each Lumenus T5 lamp’s mercury is encapsulated in a metal amalgam, in case of lamp breakage mercury exposure is minimized. A Lumenus 28W T5 lamp contains as little as 69 picograms of mercury per lumen hour, which yields up to 2 mercury-reduction (MR) points toward LEED-EB certification for sustainable practices.

    Because T5 lamps are made using approximately 60% less material than T12 lamps and 40% less material than T8 lamps, they have a significantly reduced environmental impact.


    All Lumenus T5 Lamps are dimmable when paired with a dimmable ballast. This feature sets them apart from energy saving T8 fluorescent lamps where some models cannot be dimmed. Lower light output translates into reduced energy consumption, and therefore dimmable lamps will give you the ability to control the level of lamp brightness while reducing your energy use.

    T5 Lamps Spec Sheet and Brochure