Yes. Please visit the Lumiversal product catalog for detailed information about the entire line of Lumenus T5 linear fluorescent lamps.

Yes. Lumiversal ballasts are universal voltage designed to handle 100V – 277V.

Yes. All Lumiversal T5 retrofit products are certified to retain the fixture UL listing.

No. However, it is recommended that you have a licensed electrician complete wiring changes. Please consult with your local building authority to determine specific requirements.

Power Safety Limiter

The Lumiversal Power Safety Limiter (PSL) is a patent-pending device that reduces the current delivered to the fluorescent lamp fixture lampholders and also serves as an auto-resettable circuit breaker in the event of an over-current event. Why is this important? Many T5 and LED adapter retrofit products require that you remove the existing ballast and connect line voltage to the lampholders. Lampholders were not originally intended to receive line voltage and the potential exists that the lampholders’ capacity will be exceeded. With a typical 277V/20A line circuit, there is a potential for over 5,000 watts passing through the lampholder. Neither the lamp holder nor the fixture wiring is designed to handle this load. The Lumiversal PSL will limit the current so that neither the lampholder or wiring ratings are exceeded. The PSL also includes additional features such as a dirty-power filter, transient voltage spike protection and a wiring tester to ensure all power input wiring is connected correctly.

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